We are proud to announce that a new book will be out soon, a book by a well know portuguese musicologist.

We are planning a new Antibothis anthology,so far are confirmed  written contributions from Chad Hensley, Polly Superstar, Crimethinc, Z´ev, Mike Diana, Trevor Brown, Raymon Salvatore Harmon, Ewen Chardronnet, Joe Coleman, Karl Buechner ( Earth Crisis lead singer ), Carl Abrahamsson, Júlio Rodrigo, V. Vale ( Re/ Search Pubs ), Robin Rimbaud ( Scanner ), Christoph Fringeli ( Datacide/Praxis ) and more to come.

The cd compilation is curated by Philipe-Petit from the innovative french record label Bip-hop and will include : 

Angel, Scanner & Sci-cut.db, Bela Emerson reworked by Same Actor, Israel Martinez, PAS, The Stargazer's Assistant, Stephan Mathieu, Michel Banabila & Philippe Petit, Lawrence English, Rothko + some other to be confirmed...

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Antibothis Reviews:

"We highly recommend you order ANTIBOTHIS", V. Vale, Re/Search Books. U.S.A.

"ANTIBOTHIS is a mighty fine journal!", Antero Alli.

"Antibothis offers 112 fat pages of food for thought, a veritable feast of heretical initiations and countercultural discourse, offering both options for personal spiritual development and alternatives to the alienated, atomised, deracinated and homogenised consumer culture of today, which sits poised on the brink of economic and ecological devastation. Mainstream culture is the problem – Antibothis is striving to be part of the solution". Simon Collins, Judaskiss, U.K.

"Beautiful Production" V.Vale, Re/Search Books, U.S.A.

"Great Work", Dedroidify,Belgium

"The next step after re/search and apocalypse culture".
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"thèmes "borderline", proche d'une certaine contre-culture américaine qui s'incarnait dans les années 80/90 autour de personnages comme John Oswald (Plunderphonics). Entre littérature expérimentale, engagement politique et démarche artistique où le collage et le détournement ont une grande place". Musiques e Cultures Digitales, France

"Your work is reeeaaallly great" Okultura, Poland

"awesome! Truly magical". Center for Tactical Magic, U.S.A.

"great stuff,really one of the best publications,i.. ve ever read, an hybrid platform full of dynamism and a very psychic level emanation." Lashtal, Colombia

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ANTIBOTHIS is a collection of book anthologies featuring texts, interviews showcasing a variety of ideas that  are a genuine alternative to the dogma of conformity, the commitment to disconnect the cables of corporhate  coolonization, disinverting cultural reality through the dissemination and dispersion of alternatives vortices of  information and infinite chaotic propaganda, speculation, simulation, stimulation, to revolutionize the dynamics of life in a total process of cultural transformation, reclaiming our guts and revolt in the name of imagination in  opposition to a toxic life of low awareness, herd mentality and programmed though, infecting human minds and alter their behaviour. forex demo account uae


ANTIBOTHIS Volume 1,2 and 3



Buy ANTIBOTHIS 1, 2 and 3 altogether and pay 40.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payment through paypal to: 

Includes 3 anthologies + 3 cd compilations in a box and our book marker / money clip, in black brass.


Ondina Pires

152p. 22x16cm, capa a cores

Em português / In Portuguese.

ISBN: 978-989-95447-3-4

Capa de João Maio Pinto, design por Ecletricks, prefácio por Carlos Vidal

Kenneth Anger é um realizador controverso, com múltiplas linhas de ambiguidade, numa teia de símbolos e significados, de paradoxos, de ícones, e de manipulação violenta do imaginário.

Ondina Pires  (ex-Pop Dell'Arte, The Great Lesbian Show), faz neste livro ensaístico uma reflexão riquíssima sobre vários aspectos da cultura underground do século XX. Embora se centre numa análise de um filme do mítico realizador este livro é muito mais do que isso, uma vez que todos os aspectos invocados no seu filme são explorados a fundo por esta autora. Temas como os gangues, a violência, o Cristianismo, o Nazismo, a máquina, a civilização motorizada, os Estados Unidos, a apropriação de imagens, o cinema, a velocidade, o século XX, são tratados de forma fecunda e multilinear.

Este livro cativará todos os que se interessem pela cultura enquanto local de aparição de fenómenos extremos.


ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 3
Book anthology + cd compilation.

Featuring articles from:

The anti-civilizationist author JOHN ZERZAN on "Silence".

LIAM SIONNACH from Earth First on " Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force".

CHAD HENSLEY on " Dead Lays".

EWEN CHARDRONNET on "Molecules of Combat".

IONA MILLER on " Sasha´s Ecstasy & the Agony of CONtrollers".

JOE AMBROSE on " The Darker Side of Me - White Irish".

NIGEL AYERS on "All Killer, No Filler".

WILFRED HOU JE BEK on "In Defense of Primate Poetics".

FRANK RHYNNE on " Brian Jones Joujouka Rolling Stone".

RANDALL PYKE on " Neo-Anarchist Dream State".

ADI NEWTON and JANE RADION NEWTON on "The Denizens of Beyond".


Antibothis cd compilation includes:

The Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lydia Lunch with Philippe Petit, Checkpoint 303, Kal Cahoone, Gintas K, Orbit Service, Anla Courtis, Stpo, Jabe Radion Newton and Adi Newton / T.A.G.C.,  Zeitkratzer, Pietro Riparbelli/K11, Gjoll.

PRICE : 15.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payable through Paypal , please go to Buy Books link.

Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection
iq uae

First edition, May 2010

Cover art & illustration by
André Lemos -

Design by
João Cunha


CHTHONIC - Prose & Theory by Vadge Moore

"Vadge Moore is an American author and musician that has spent a lifetime testing the boundaries of good and evil. He toured and recorded with the infamous sleaze-punk institution The Dwarves, apocalyptic rock group Neither-Neither World, and his own nihilist-noise unit Chthonic Force. He has written for the early nineties occult journal Primal Chaos, the esoteric magazine Dagobert's Revenge, and the controversial web 'zine Synthesis. Recently Vadge has taken up an aphoristic-prose style of writing that best expresses his iniquitous and sinister insights into the mind of Man. Chthonic: Prose & Theory is just that; prose wedded to theory that scrutinizes the human, all too human, Monster that is Man."



Available directly though

Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection


Design by
João Cunha


ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 2
Book anthology + cd compilation + cd compilation "Electronic Thisturbance",

Featuring articles/interviews with/from:

The author of Techgnosis ERIK DAVIS interviews Peter Lamborn Wilson ( also know as Hakim Bey ).

The sonic sorcerer and deviant writer CARL ABRAHAMSSON on Why Another Park Then.

MAGUS COYOTEL LEYBA on Ritual, Rite and Dance.

VADGE MOORE with select excerpts from his forthcoming book .

CHAD HENSLEY interviews Boyd Rice also presents his Pornography of Words.

CENTER for TACTICAL MAGIC on Sigil, Logos and Lucky Charms.


ANTERO ALLI interviewed about the 8 Circuit Brain.

The satirical and subversive BRIAN DEAN on How to Frigthen a Population.

ANDREW MCKENZIE from Hafler Trio put some questions and something else.

STEFAN SZCZELKUN on An Occultural Open Archive.

An interview with the prayformer ORRYELLE.

An interview with the cyberpunk body art collective AESTHETIC MEAT FRONT.

VINCENT ALEXZANDER on Avant Terrorism.

Antibothis cd compilation includes:

O Yuki Conjugate, Controlled Bleeding, Orryelle, Aesthetic Meat Front, Enkidada (ex : psychik warriors ov gaia/exquisite corpse), Cotton Ferox, Hybrids, Strings of Consciousness, MILF (ex:bourbonese qualk).

Cd Offer:

Along with the book/cd volume 2, the spokenword/oral cut up cd compilation "Electronic Thisturbance" will be offered, featuring, Jarboe, Francisco Lopez, Terre Thaemlitz, Gx Juppiter Larsen, Von Magnet, Rasalasad+Sci fi Industries, Telepherique, Wild Shores.

PRICE : 15.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payable through Paypal , please go to Buy Books link.

Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection

First edition, June 2008
ISBN: 978-989-95447-2-7

Cover art & illustration by
André Lemos -

Design by
João Cunha


ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 1
Book anthology + cd compilation + Merzbow cd, Volume 1

Featuring texts/interviews with/from :

Noise Master GX JUPPITER LARSEN on Permawave

Cyberpunk KENJI SIRATORI on Mind Virus

Nihilistics Zen CORRUPT on Unreal

Radical Ecophilosopher PENTTI LINKOLA on Can We Survive ?

Cultural Engineer IONA MILLER on G-P-Orridge Cut Up Pandrogeny

Daydream Cabalists SOCIALFICTION on Crystalpunk

Dronist JORGE MANTAS on Virulent Music

The Post-Human Tantrik EDGAR FRANCO on Transhumanism and Cyber Art

Iconoclast American Philosopher WULF ZENDIK on Realm

Cultural Terrorist ADEL SOUTO on Tantra and Sects

Mail-Art Devotees SZTUKA FABRYKA on Neoism

Interview with the Ecclectic Ritualist DENNY SARGENT


ALEX BIRCH on Big in Japan

Spoken word / oral cut up cd compilation:

Along with the book a spoken word / oral cut up cd compilation will be available with artists like : Jarboe, Fernando Ribeiro ( Moonspell ), Kenji Siratori, Phil Von ( Von Magnet ), Christophe Demarthe ( Clair Obscur), Rasal.asad, Euthymia, Wildshores, Andrey Kiritchenko, Netherworld, Rapoon, Planetadol, Thermidor, Structura, Martin A. Smith, Alex Tiuniaev.

Merzbow cd "dust of dreams" offer:

The cd "Dust of Dreams " by the japnoise master Merzbow will be offered along with the book when purchased directly trough us.

PRICE : 15.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payable through Paypal , please go to Buy Books link.


Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection

First edition, November 2007
ISBN: 978-989-95447-1-0

Cover art & illustration by
André Lemos -

Design by
João Cunha